watercolor gallery


Come on !!! Follow close to my heels !

I'will reveal my "secret garden". This is an imaginary universe, and this very garden is in flower all year long.


In the living room, behind the window which opens on the garden, you can find a round table, a huge and light yellow datura. It is elegant, imposing, keeping an eye on a small and round campanula with ivy coiled around her, and looks carefully after the premices.

le guet

Some birds come quietly and peck the seeds I threw down for them. But "Léo" the cat is here, covered behind a big blue hydrangea. He's keeping a sharp lookout, waiting for his prey...


In a sunny corner of the garden, the last hellebores have a motherly look at the opening of the first crocus. They are under the protection of the large leaves of rhubarb, which have easily grown, sheltered by their pots.


In the heart of the garden, their roots in the water, lush gunneras start to spread their large and jagged leaves over the brook. Their facing neighbours, pass off as narcissus, proudly contemplating their reflection.


In the area, you can find in a pond, some languorous water lily reign supreme over the water world, hidden from sight.

les tournesols

I sometimes escape my quiet realm and have a ride on my bicycle, on one of those old granny's bicycles. I usually pedal between those fields of "sun" of which I make my little own harvest.

You well have understood that I paint flowers so that,
even when days get shorter and the ground is frozen hard,
when sorrow and concern darken my horizon,
their shimmering colours and their fluttering shapes
give back life and warmth to my walls.

For all those reasons,
savour the pleasure watercolour can give you,
as it can stir light, enhance its transparency and freshness.
Look at it, have a try and practice.
It is a sheer delight !

Good luck and see you again, hopefully !!!nenuphar

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